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Postnatal Online Course


I offer a 6 week online, on demand Postnatal / Postpartum Pilates course to rebuild and restore after birth.

Having worked with many new moms, one thing I noticed was how hard it was to fit in a 60 minute class in one go. Let alone at a specified time and place - cue breastfeeding during a 'mum and baby' class and sense of humour failures from mom and baby.


This shouldn't put you off getting back to exercise, so I've designed an approach that can fit around you and your baby. It's important for new mom's not to put too much pressure on yourself, but I've also seen the benefits that taking time out just for you and getting back to movement can bring.

This course sits on a platform called Kajabi, and you can find out more or access the course by following the button below.

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