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Re-finding Your Feet

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

We all take feet for granted, yet they do so much for us!

Foot Exercise

Our feet should be as dextrous as our hands to move us from A to B.

Instead of using them to their full extent, we shove them into tight little coffins (shoes) where they can't move around and work as they should.

This leads to all sorts of problems with balance, ankle dexterity (which we need for walking), bunions and even back pain.

We have two springs in our feet - the achilles tendon and our big toe. Both propel us forward as we walk or run. By shoving our feet into shoes that are too small, we are limiting how our big toe functions. We are also limiting our balance because our toes cannot move and react to the ground we're standing or walking on.

If our shoes are too small, it's no better than having some wobbly bits of wood at the end of our leg.

Here are some tips for getting your feet moving and keeping them happy:

  • Consider trying a shoe size up to give your toes more room to wiggle

  • Shoes with a wide toe box are ideal to give them space to work

  • Spend more time barefoot

  • Consider trying barefoot shoes such as Vivobarefoot - ease into them gently!

  • Walk on uneven ground to train your feet and ankles to react to different surfaces

  • Massage the bottom of your feet and stretch your calves

  • Exercise your feet so they can be as dexterous as hands - e.g. tennis ball rising, towel scrunches with toes, pick things up with your toes, spreading toes wide and standing on one leg

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